We Are Innovators

We facilitate and implement technological innovation in medium and large sized enterprise.

We Harness the Cloud.

Today, connected devices all over the world – whether personal mobile phones or tracking devices on airplanes – are generating a wealth of real-time and actionable data points. This phenomenon is creating an astonishing level of opportunity to serve customers in innovative and improved ways.


Nowadays, there’s a consumer app for everything. As mobile always-on connectivity and location context takes foothold in the business world, it presents tremendous opportunities for value creation. Thus, creating mobile solutions for the enterprise is one of the pillars of our strategy.

The Internet of Things

IoT is the Next Generation in the computing cycle. Today, connected devices create a wealth of information on a constant basis. Deriving actionable knowledge and insights from the mountain of information could lead to tremendous opportunities for consumers and businesses alike.

Big Data

​Connected computing devices measure every move we make resulting in fast, big and growing amounts of valuable data​. The full value of Big Data is yet to be discovered and we intend to be in the forefront of this wave of value creation.​

Our Core Team

Ray Sharma

Managing Director

Josh Kerbel

Managing Partner

Real Mahadeo

VP Sales & Innovation

Lucy Ho

Operations Manager

Kevin Liu

Lead Designer

Anshul Kapoor

Director of Product

Jitin Pillai

Tech Lead