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Our Core Services

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Product Development

We cover all the bases, beginning with strategy & ideation, to UX/UI design, and finally implementation through our full-stack dev team.


Data Science Services

Potential for higher revenue is sitting in your databases. Find solutions to complex business problems and or to shed light on unknown opportunities.


Venture Services

We're back by a major VC and we thrive in having skin in the game. We like to partner with organizations that we believe in and help them define and achieve success

Case Study: Fintech


Connecting Investors with Entrepreneurs.

The Opportunity

The team at Extreme Venture Partners (EVP), with over 50 combined years of venture investing experience, noticed they ran into the same issues over and over again:

Cumbersome nature of early stage fund raising and deal-making, entrepreneurs must navigate a maze of professionals and intermediaries in order to find venture investors and investors face the “needle in a haystack” task of finding investable opportunities.

The Solution

Combining automation technology with social networks.

Based years of experience from EI’s parent fund Extreme Venture Partners, CrowdMatrix was born. Its objective – make start up investing as streamlined as buying stock through an online brokerage. Now a stand-alone company, CrowdMatrix automates the entire venture investing process, from deal discovery, document generation and syndication management through investors’ social networks.

The Implementation

Extreme Innovation incubated CrowdMatrix and brought it to life in just under 5 months.

  • Transforming EVP’s tacit knowledge into a product roadmap.

  • Tapping a lawyer with start-up and corporate finance experience to lead the venture.

  • Assembling the development and product team.

  • Creating the MVP.

Case Study: B2B Lead Gen

Gopher Leads

Disrupting Lead Generation
in a $50bn Industry.

The Opportunity

25 year veteran of the waste management business saw how cumbersome lead generation was in his industry. Most leads were missed due to cumbersome reporting processes, lack of geographical data and ultimately poor motivation of on-the-road employees to report leads.

The Solution

Turning smartphones into money makers.

Enter Gopher, a smartphone based lead generation solutions for frontline employees in the waste management industry. All employees do is snap a picture of a potential customer and Gopher:

  • Tags the location of the photo.

  • Submits the lead to the sales team.

  • Tracks the status of the lead.

The Implementation

Within a span of 4 months Extreme

  • Developed the product roadmap, technical plan and project management infrastructure.

  • Sourced the development team.

  • Designed & created the initial product offering

  • Spun Gopher out as a stand-alone company.

Case Study: IoT


Taking industrial IoT technology and making it user friendly.

The Opportunity

Cognitive Systems was looking to disrupt the $100+B home security market with their patented tech. They partnered with EI to help bring their tech to the masses through native iOS and Android App development.

The Solution

Simplify a complicated patented technology for the end user.

EI partnered with Cognitive Systems to build a simple yet effective UI. The main goal was to use the robust data that Aura calculates and simplify it for the consumer. From registration to visualizing data to activating an alarm, EI worked with Cognitive to put the user first.

The Implementation

Two apps, tight timelines, and multiple releases.

  • EI put forth a robust release schedule to meet Cognitive’s go to market strategy.

  • Worked with Cognitive’s Product and Tech teams to build a collaborative communication process with daily standups.

  • Continuously revisited the process to improve upon past iterations

  • Cognitive continue to partner to enhance the Aura product.

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