UI for VR Fundamentals

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One of the questions we keep asking at Extreme Innovations is what’s next and how we can take the lead in innovation space helping solve real world problems.We often hear lot of buzzwords like ML, Virtual Reality, Blockchain & Bitcoin, but without much information of where or how this could be used. The critical part we realized in our mission is being able to distil this information and break it down into smaller chunks, which we can make sense of and use it to solve real world problems.

A similar problem bothered our UX Lead – Kevin Liu. A topic very close to his heart, VR (Virtual Reality) was being used every now and then without much information on how do you approach building VR apps. Every new platform requires re-imaging the approach to problem solving. For example, how you built apps for iPhone is different from how built if for Desktop.

So Kevin took the lead in putting together some fundamentals for approaching UI in VR, and had a knowledge share sessions with few folks at our coworking space. Presentation below will give you a quick primer on VR and what you should be looking for when designing VR Apps

Below are some pics of folks keenly listening on Kevin