Start Profiting From Your Data

The answer to higher revenue is sitting in your databases

Boost Sales with Data Science

Extreme Innovations uses data science to build predictive analytics that boost clients’ sales by helping them get a better understanding of their customers and industry.
EI’s analytics allows sales and marketing professionals to understanding their customer base better than ever before, giving companies the ability to segment their client base and optimize their product delivery.
Predictive Sales Analytics

Discover the variables that influence your customer’s decision to buy.

Personalized Data Models

Data models are built to fit the needs of your company and industry.

Powerful Discovery

Leverage your internal datasets to find new sales and revenue opportunities.

Customer Intelligence

Combine internal and external data to crystallize hidden knowledge.

EI’s Approach To Data Science

EI’s approach to data science challenges is focused and pragmatic. Client relationships start with EI analyzing your situation, working with your team to develop a business case, and then presenting it to executive decision makers. EI’s methodologies combine methods from statistics, operations research, machine learning, decision science, cognitive science, software engineering, business intelligence, human factors, and organizational behavior to produce a custom data model specific to your situation. Using Agile methodologies and test driven development, EI translates your custom model into a production ready system in order to deliver a scaleable production ready solution.
EI’s goal is to deliver sales analytics tools that filter out the noise from your firm’s sea of data in order to give your corporate leaders actionable intelligence that boost sales and profitability.